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Navy Military Career Options

Navy Military Career Options

A military career in the U.S. Navy is unique from any other, it offers you great opportunities to travel, to learn important skills and to expand your horizons. If any military career is exciting, choosing the Navy is a lifetime adventure.

One of the best aspects of your military career in the Navy is your ability to make choices: your career field, promotion, accession, changing you occupation. But the key to getting the most of your military career is understanding your options. This is a thorough list:

Navy Officer Military Career Options:
  • The Navy Civil Engineering Officer Career Field
  • The Navy Engineering Officer Career Field
  • The Navy JAG Officer Career Field
  • The Navy Supply Officer Career Field
  • The Navy Officer Special Duty Career Fields
  • The Navy Officer Special Warfare Career Field

Military Career: Navy Enlisted to Officer Accessions:
  • The Navy Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Program
  • The Navy Limited Duty Officer (LDO) Program
  • The Navy Stay 21 Commissioning Program

Navy Enlisted Military Career Options:
  • Navy Enlisted Shore Special Programs (assignments)
  • Navy Enlisted - SEAL Program
  • Navy Enlisted Lateral Change in Rating
  • Navy Senior Enlisted Boards

The Navy SEAL Military Career Options:
  • The SEAL Program - Enlisted
  • The SEAL Application Process
  • The SEAL Program - Reserves
  • The SEAL Program - Veterans

Military School Glossary:
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Healthcare service
High school diploma
Military basic training
Retirement plans
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