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Air Force Military Career Options

Air Force Military Career OptionsAir Force officers are expected to achieve high leadership skills within their military career and possess particular areas of expertise where they can employ these leadership qualities. The area of expertise you decide to specialize in may be your most important decision along your military career in the Air Force.

Specialty decisions should be made early in one’s military career, for opportunities may be lost. When planning your military career path you should consider:
  • Your personal interests as well as the military career goals you wish to achieve.
  • Which military career entry requirements and points are necessary to bear in mind.
  • The timing and kind of opportunities for assignment along the chosen military career.
  • Opportunities for postgraduate education within your military career.
These are the main options within the US Air Force:

OPERATIONS (Air Force Military Career)
  • Operations Commander
  • Pilot
  • Navigator
  • Space, Missile and C2
  • Intelligence
  • Weather
  • Operation Support
LOGISTICS (Air Force Military Career)

SUPPORT (Air Force Military Career)
  • Security Forces
  • Civil Engineering
  • Communication
  • Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Mission Support
  • Manpower
MEDICAL (Air Force Military Career)

PROFESSIONAL (Air Force Military Career)
  • Law
  • Chaplain
ACQUISITIONS (Air Force Military Career)

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION (Air Force Military Career)

SPECIAL DUTY IDENTIFIERS (Air Force Military Career)

REPORTING IDENTIFIERS (Air Force Military Career)

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