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Family Teen Help

Family Teen Help

Finding a solution to troublesome teenagers can be a challenge. Many parents are find help by asking their family, friends and colleagues but if the problem is serious, sometimes the typical methods of solving your teenagers’ problems is not enough – especially when it seems no one will help you take on the responsibility – schools don’t want to know nor the local counsel nor any other typical sources of help. In fact, usual ways of calming your troubled teen can, if the problem is serious enough, hinder him/her – for example involving them in sports or social activities, although a seemingly great idea, can often be counter-productive should there be a lack of discipline and adult supervision instilled.

The reason for the behaviour can rooted in anything from:

  • Fragile emotional state
  • Academic demands at school/college which exceed the teenager’s ability
  • Peer and social pressure/influence
  • A lack discipline from parents at an early age
  • A lack of bonding/solid relationship with parents
  • Divorce or separation of close family
  • Family conflicts
  • Neglect or abandonment
  • A particular emotionally damaging experience
  • A medical or psychological problem (in many cases undiagnosed)
  • Alcohol, drug abuse or mental disorder of loved ones
  • Alcohol/drug use
Although a lot of these problems are difficult to spot, there are some very clear indicators to bear in mind – often symptoms of the fact your teenager is going through more than the usual hormonal crises….Many of these will surface at an early age but some will perhaps not appear until puberty or even later.

  • Social isolation
  • A lack of will to go to school
  • Unruly attitude
  • Lack of respect for rules, responsibility and day-to-day family functioning
  • Poor attitude to study, lack of concentration
  • Unfocused/disruptive manner in classroom/with authority
  • Increasingly bad grades
  • Unstable behavior
  • Lack of care for hygiene and personal appearance
  • Takes part in high risk activites with little thought
  • Incessant use of alcohol or drugs
  • Playing truant
  • Theft
  • Destructive and violent behavior
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal behavior
Problems can become serious over time and eventually become, life threatening. Parents can identify problems and often will find there is a pattern related to how their teen deals with certain issues. This is the first step in solving the problem – observance. This will help characterize the crisis so an appropriate solution can be found.

Unfortunately, finding this solution has become more difficult than finding help for most adults problems. For example, health insurance is very limited in the services they can provide. Most teenage behavioural problems are put down to “hormones”. However, the families of those who live with a real troubled teen know that this is not the reason and so a definite solution must be sought. Public programs across the country lack the necessary funding and although some schools have programmes, they are in dire need of qualified staff who have experience, not to mention the emotional strength, to deal with these problems themselves! On top of this, the money to meet demands such as this is often not met by a typical school’s budget. There are various private counsellors who work with issues such as this but only a few who work with families and children who have grave behavioural and emotional problems. Furthermore, counselling very seldom appeals to troubled teens as it often will make them fell even more isolated or like they are not like their peers.

The consequences of unresolved problems can be tragic. It is for this that I very much recommend parents with troubled teens look into military boarding schools – where care and attention is paramount. Not only this, by being in a military surrounding, discipline will be constant and the teenager will grow to accept it a lot better than he/she would in a normal setting – especially as the staff working here have great experience in dealing with unruly behaviour!

Today’s school system isn’t sufficiently equipped to handle troubled teenagers. Military schools are an ideal alternative. Although headed for extinction around 40 years ago, the number of enrolments has steadily grown since 2000. Consequently many military schools are not only full to capacity but have long waiting lists – a demonstration of how more and more families are appreciating the discipline instilled and the successful outcome.

In times of crisis, the excess of emotions can often prove too much for parents – they will often feel emotionally drained themselves as the confusion and desperation which a troubled teen can exert on a family home can be extremely testing. This is another advantage of the military boarding school: not only will your teen begin to find peace of mind, appreciate normality and learn obedience, the family home will eventually become more relaxed – loved ones know they have made a good choice for the teen and once again will be able to appreciate a settled environment.

The teenager will find the boarding school to be both physically and mentally challenging – factors which build self esteem, confidence and self-respect. The military school will help remove old attitudes and change to new, fresh attitudes with lasting results – a great choice for a family in crisis!

The teachers and mentors who deal with these types of problems really are special. They will have often elected to have specific training for dealing with troubled teenagers thus demonstrating a caring and interested nature. They can play an important role in family development too – bringing the unit closer together and banishing the most troublesome of problems. For this reason alone, many ex-students and -cadets often choose to celebrate their teachers, noting their development to be a resulting of the counselling he/she received from them. Events such as Teacher Appreciation Day 2008 are ideal for doing this – there’s plenty of press that time of year regarding ways to show your appreciation and so you can ensure your gesture is extra special. It needn’t be extravagant however; it can be as simple as a note of thanks, highlighting the personal development achieved as a result of the advice given. Teachers in military schools really are under a lot of pressure to perform and deal with some of the most difficult teenagers and so a demonstration of gratitude really would go a long way in an institution as demanding as a military school.

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