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In a world brought ever closer by rapid advances in communications technology, many businesses are constantly trying to expand their client base and give their company the international appeal. However, the best-laid plans can often go to waste as soon as the looming language barrier comes crashing down. Since being able to speak the same language is critical for an international business, many companies arrange language tuition for their executives, building a pool of effective speakers of foreign languages as well as raising awareness among their staff of cultural differences that will make a difference in day-to-day business.

China is a huge potential market for business, with the country's economy currently going from strength to strength due to mass industrialisation. Learning Chinese in London or Chinese in Liverpool is precisely the same deal: by hiring a native-speaking qualified Chinese teacher to train your employees on-site, they are effectively doing a large portion of the work for you. Similarly, learning Dutch in London can be made simple with a personalised course, tailormade to suit the business climate.

Furthermore, it's never a bad idea to supply on-site English courses for your international employees, in order to increase their scope of communication and make them more versatile employees. Once again, it makes no difference where your company is located, as the tutors can come to you - whether you need an English course in Cambridge or English in Brighton - your foreign employees can always benefit from a crash course in business English!

If you are lucky enough to be able to allow your employees have leave for a specific period however, learning a language in a country is unbeatable experience. A language course for example can open up doors to a country bursting with new technologies and industry, a decision no employer would regret!

No matter how one chooses to learn a language – be it in a company conference room, online or in the native country itself, the fact that one is learning a language means that their horizons are widening immeasurably– and that’s what’s most important!

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