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Military Jobs and Careers - Officers

Military Jobs and Careers - Officers
An officer in the military service is one that has served quiet longer years of experience as a military and already qualified for promotion. When a member of the military is promoted to a higher position he is already under the status of an Officer and starts to gain respect from lower rank subordinates. An officer also may mean alleviated to a higher position because of someone’s highest educational attainment. Those graduated from a very refutable Marine, Army of Air Force and Military schools in the US are immediately elevated to an officer status. This is also true in other major countries of the world – even in developing countries. Usually, a graduate of the Military Academy is immediately elevated to 1st Lieutenant and sometimes to a Captain. This is a privilege given to people interested to serve the military organization which also aimed at protecting the nation from any threat from saboteurs and terrorists.

The Military Officers are already in command either in the office or in the field depending on their line of duty. Officers are leaders and they are tasked to implement ideas into actions in regard to the operation of the military organization. They manage many areas of concerns such as operation, intelligence, finance, logistics, ammunitions, military schools, and all other departments where their active participation as trusted leaders, implementers of good ideas either in the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, and the Coastguard. They are also entrusted by their superiors in the chain of command to provide accurate reporting of the daily activities of the organization.

In military schools run by the government such as the Air force Academy, Marines Corps Schools and all others, the leadership of the Officers also take center stage. There are also categories of the officers we should learn to consider.

Combat Specialty Officers – These Officers directs other combatants in the field during operations. They also serve as combat leaders and overseer in military operations.

Engineering Officers – The responsibilities of Engineering Officers include environmental health and safety, space operations. They also work out for programs which aimed at discover health and hazards in various environment.

Executive, managerial Officers – These Officers are in charge in managing the funds of the organization, executions of plans and programs, and the administrative aspects in the offices.

Health Care Officers – These department in the military maintains the good health of every member of the military organizations, make diagnosis to members, dental services, consultations and check ups and all other health care needs of the members.

Human Resource Development Officers – These professionals in the military organization is in charge in the recruitment of more members during enlistment periods.

Media & Public Affairs Officers – This department in the military organization is in charge in the dissemination of information in the communities as well to various media outlets.

Protective Service Officers – In charge in the protection of the military’s property, bases and vessels.

Support Service Officers – The Support Service Officers manages in the food services in various military installations.

Transportation Officers - They ensure that personnel and materials are safety transported by air and land travel.

Officers personnel work in technical, professional and managerial jobs including doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers and pilots amogst others. They represent about 20% of military personnel in the army. Their salaries vary between O-1 through O-10 depending on the years and on the positon in military service.

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