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Military careers - Enlisted

Military Jobs and Careers - Enlisted
Enlisted in the military jargon in the United States as well as in other major countries of the world simply means military applicants which have been accepted by the armed forces, be it in the Navy, Air Force, Army and the Coastguard. They normally join the army with a high school diploma or equivalent. These four biggest departments of the armed forces in the US have separate names for each enlistment program. The enlistment program for the Army and marines, for instance, is called MOS which means Military Occupation Specialties; the Navy is also different as their enlistment program is called Rating. In the Air force enlisted jobs is also called AFSCs which means Air Force Specialty Codes.

Enlistment in the armed forces in the United States follows very specific program requirements and not everyone could have access to it according to military top brasses. Despite of the fact that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act has ensured equal opportunity for everyone in as far as employment opportunities the said privilege does not apply to the military profession. Though everyone can be invited for enlistment in the military profession but must adhere to strict implementation of guidelines and requirements set by the organization to safeguard its integrity and professionalism.

The enlistment process in the armed forces such as the Military, Navy, Marines, Air Force and the Coastguard has different systems and requirements as far as enlistment of new members of the organization. The age requirement is even strictly implemented if US or non-US citizen is interested the armed forces of the United States. If you may have noticed in the military there are lots of them who are non-Americans. This, as the enlistment process is also open to non-Americans living in the US. At least they have stayed for quiet a period of time. There are also many processes of enlistment according to the department an interested individual wants to be enlisted whether in the Navy, Air Force, Marines and the Coastguard.

Enlisted service are commonly employed in military jobs such as transportation, mechanical, office, human services and combat ones. They represent about 80% of service personnel in the military. Their salaries may vary between grades E-1 through E-9 depending on the years of military service.

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