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Military Jobs and Careers -
Transportation Specialists

Job specification

The movement of transportation in personnel and cargoes are on daily basis in the military organization. As such the work requires more services of Transportation Specialists since they directly assess transport activities. They are hired in the military as enlisted personnel task in directly managing the air, sea and land tranport activities.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Transportation specialists in the military organization include:

Make arrangements for passengers that may travel either bus, train, boat or aircraft

Make arrangement for delivery of household goods as well as other shipments

Identify the vehicles that will be used in the transport of cargoes as well as passengers

Identify the shipping routes of transport companies

Conduct checking of baggage and passengers

Work and serve as military flight attendants

Conduct direct inspection on cargoes for marking packing and loading purposes

Ideal traits

The field of study that are helpful in this kind of job in the military include English and mathematics. Other helpful attributes also include:

Basics in transporting cargoes and personnel

Basics in loading, storing, dispensing of cargoes

Transportation documents analysis

Work atmosphere

The Trans Specialists in the military work in offices. They also occassionally work outdoors when the need arises.

Non-militay employment

The civilian Transportation specialists work in shipping companies, commercial airlines, plane manufacturers, among others Their duties and responsibilities are only the same with of the military.

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