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Military Jobs and Careers -
Store Managers

Job specification

Store managers are hired by the military organization to manage the organization-run stores in major military installations. They are given the rank of officers and they possess the total rights to command as far as subordinates like the Sales and Stocks Specialists. They manage the whole operation of the store and implement plans which help make the store grow.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Store Managers in the military organization include:

Manage subordinate activities such as purchasing, pricing of stocks as well as selling of the stocks to military personnel

Lead personnel in storing the stoks, receiving stocks that arrive and issuances of equipment and supplies

Direct the conduct of inspection of products as well as testing to ensure safety among store buyers

Make actual accounting and inventory of products, as well as recording purposes

Make store budgets as well as plan for future store activities

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in thie kind of job in the military includes marketing accounting and basic administration. Other helpful attributes also include:

Enthusiasm in careful management of the business so that clients are served to the highest level

Enthusiasm in helping others succeed

Enthusiasm in planning for suitable work schedules

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experince in related jobs are ideal training program. Other course contentc that are also ideal subject matters include:

Basics in record keeping and accounting matters

Basics in inventory control so that proper accounting of products are properly recorded

Basic management of stores, wharehouses and related matters

Management of personnel as well as office administration

Basics in budget management

Work atmosphere

The Store Managers in the military work in store rooms in land and seas.

Non-military employment

The civilian Store Managers work in department stores, retail outlets, malls, botique, grocery and Department stores. Their duties and responsibilities are only the with that of the military.

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