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Military Jobs and Careers -
Recreation, Welfare and Morale Specialists

Job specification

One of the basic missions of the military is to provide for the general well being of the people under its area of responsibility in times of peace and difficult situations. The leadership has always been open to various developments to carry out its mission of serving the people to the highest level. To maximize the program, the military hired the services of Recreation, welfare and moral specialists. They are considered enlisted personnel in the military organization.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Recreation, welfare and morale speciallists in the military organzation include:

Spearhead in planning for social functions as well as other recreational activities

Make reports of daily activities so that results can be evaluated for further instructions

Prepare inventory records of purchases, receiving of equipment as well as storage of equipment

Spearhead in the operation of clubs, movies and sports equipment

Direct in conducting surveys to determine the attitudes of the members of the organization as well as their dependents

Make schedules of property maintennace

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes speech communications, psychology, physical education as well as physical education. Other helpful attributes also include:

Enthusiasm in dealing with people as far as certain programs are concerned

Excellent skills in group organizing

Enthusiasm in sports, crafts and arts and other sports activities

Enjoy teaching, care for other needs as well as helping them grow

Doing work with only minimal supervision

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs are ideal training programs. However, there is no such training in the military. The kind of training maybe obtained outside of the military organization.

Work atmosphere

The Recreation, welfare and morale specialists in the military work in government and private agencies, as well as aboard military vessels.

Non-military employment

The civilian Recreation, welfare and morale specialists work in vocational rehabilitation, nursing homes, libraries, social services, fitness centers, department of parks and recreation, colleges and universities, and private and government offices.

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