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Military Jobs and Careers -
Cardiopulmonary and EEG Technicians

Job specification

The military has so much in health care professionals not only surgeons and physicians. They also hire the services of Cardiopulmonary and EEG Technicians. They are considered enlisted personnel in the chain of command and the are responsible in conducting diagnosis on lungs, heart, brain and blood using sophisticated testing equipment.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Cardiopulmonary and EEG technicians in the military organization include:

• Administer blood pressure tests on military personnel and officers and record their readings for future references

• Direct in attaching gadget to the patient’s body when testing is conducted

• Assist physicians in taking care of heart attack patients

• Conduct checking on patients using sophisticated equipment

• Carefully monitor graphs recorded in the apparatus during tests conducted

• Coordinate with physicians to discuss what tests are needed to patients

• Record every result of the medical test anf place on soldier’s or officers file for future references

• Use testing equipment such as electrocardiographs

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes biology, chemistry, algebra and other related subject matters. Other helpful attributes also include:

• The will to follow standards and procedures in the hospitals or clinics

• Exceptional skills on keeping medical records for future references

• Enthusiasm in using equipment needed to get test results such as electronic equipment

• Enthusiasm in knowing how the blood, lungs, and heart can work together to promote healthy and convenient lifestyle

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related job are ideal training programs. Other course contents which are also helpful are:

• Basic procedures in diagnostic so that careful study of the patient can be enhanced

• Maintenance and operation of equipment such as diagnostic equipment tp ensure longer life of the equipment

• Proper procedures in preparng the patient for testing and examination to get accurate information

• Methods and procedures of resuscitation

Work atmosphere

The Cardiopulmonary and EEG technicians in the military works in clinics and hospitals which are funded by the organization. They also travel in other military installations when the need arises.

Non-military employment

The civilian cardiopulmonary and EEG technicians work in private firms, hospitals, including clinics operated by private practitioners. Their duties and responsibilities are only the same with that of the military.

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