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Military Jobs and Careers -
Public Information Officers

Job specification

The military organization has its own Officer that informs the public of what has been going on in the chain of command. He is designated as the Public Information Officer (PIO). The PIO prepares press releases and other informative tool for public consumption. He is also designated by the military top brasses to issue official statements to the commercial press when the need arises.


The usual duties and functions of the Public Information Officers in the military include:

Takes charge and supervise in the gathering and preparation of news stories before they are submitted to the top official for final signature and release

Gives instructions and briefings to military personnel before a meeting would be conducted or if there were news gathering to be conducted

Leads in the distribution of press releases to the tri-media and other government and private organization

Prepares for scheduled interview to military top brasses regarding major military programs

Schedules unique activities to promote the military organization in a more positive way

Ideal traits

The field of study which can greatly help to this job is basically Journalism, advertising and other related courses. Helpful attributes also include:

Highly skilled in public speaking since oftentimes the PIO would be tasked by the top brass to represent the organization on some invitations which the top brass cannot attend due to very important reasons

Highly skilled in clear news writing and copywriting techniques

With interest and enthusiasm in journalism, news and events

Training opportunities

Training for this job usually includes classroom instruction. Content of the training modules include:

Policies on defense ad others

Community relations principle

Work atmosphere

The Public Information Officer usually works in the office except when there special press coverage involving the military organization.

Non-military employment

Civilian PIOs work in government and private companies, corporations, politicians, schools and colleges. Their work is also the same with the works of the PIOs in the military organization.

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