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Printing Specialists

Job specification

There are many publications that the military organization are producing every year. These include booklets, newspapers, newsletters, maps, charts and training manuals. This kind of work is also the masterpiece of Printing Specialists. They knoew very well the ins and outs in the printing industry such as pricing and others.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Printing Specialists in the military include:

Using offset printing press, Printing Specialists reproduce the printed matter

Prepare the negatives before the printing process is conducted

Prepare the needed lithographic needed for printing

Leads in the producing of brochures, charts, maps, and other printed matter

The preparation of hardback for printed matter such as book is also one fo the works of the Printing Specialists

See to it that the printing press is properly maintained

Ideal traits

The school subjects ideal for the job include photography and and shop mechanics. Helpful attributes include:

Eagerness to learn the printing industry

The eagerness for doing physical work

Training oppotunities

Training for the job may include classroom instructions for proper operations of printing presses so that the Printing Specialists will be guided accordingly. Content of the training modules include:

The many techniques in photolithography which is also based enhanced during actual printing process

Offset printing operation is also one of the best training one should try to learn

The making of printing plates should also be considered if the goal is to master the whole printing operation

There are binding techniques which are also very advisable for Printing Specialists to developed

Work atmosphere

Printing Specialists work in printing plant and also aboard military ships when the need arises.

Non-military employment

The Civilian Printing Specialists work in privateprinting companies newspapes, book printers, government offices but their duties and responsibilities are a lso the same with that of the Printing Specialists in the military.

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