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Military Jobs and Careers -
Photographic Specialists

Job specification

The use of photographs in the military has many other purposes. It maybe in news gathering, photo presentations of various projects, publications and intelligence gathering. Thus, the need for expert Photographic Specialists when there are need for photo enhancements, toning, shades and color improvements. The Photographic Specialists can make good adjustments in photos and should take care of these minor and major photo re-touch.


The duties and responsibilities usually performed by Photographic Specialists include:

Controls of the selections of good cameras, films, and other gadgets use in photography

Determine special effects in photos, camera angles, lighting and other methods of improving the quality of photos

In charge of the taking of still photos for special military events, military hardwares and other photos which maybe needed in publications

In charge in the developing of pictures, re-touch in the negatives and other related functions

Take charge in the maintenance of photography equipments and other gadget

Ideal traits

The school subjects which are helpful in photography may include basics in photography, mathematics and the arts. Helpful attributes include:

The skills in recognizing what are quality photos from those need re-touch and refinement

Has the ability to pinpoint accuracy and photo details

Training opportunities

Training on the job include basics in photo developing, basics in photo enhancements and other classroom instructions related to photography. Content in the training modules include:

Photographic knowledge on photo enhancements and editing

Basics in photojournalism so that the Photographic Specialists would be able to increase more knowledge in the new photography methods including digital photography

Knowledge on the proper care and maintenance of photography equipment

Work atmosphere

The Photographic Specialists work in photography studio except when there are outdoor schedules or motion picture filming where his expertise is needed. Sometimes he travels from military installations to another when there is a need to do so.

Non-military employment

Civilian Photographic Specialists usually work in photog studio, wedding coordinators office, newspapers and advertising agencies. Their duties and responsibilities are just the same with the Photography Specialists in the military.

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