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Job specification

Entertainment is what helping the military organization vibrant, thus, the creation of small musical group, orchestras, solo musician, bands and dancers. The group of musicians who are considered enlisted personnel is keeping the military ceremonies and other activities more lively. Musicians participate in festivals, parades, dances and all other activities to give color to the ceremonies.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Musicians in the military include:

Play lead vocals in bands, jazz group, orchestra and other small group of musicians

Render solo performances in concerts, orchestra, parties and other military functions

Conduct music rehearsals with the band, other small musical group in the military when there are no performances

Use other musical instruments in other performances

Ideal traits

Helpful subjects in schools which enhances performance especially on music basics, theories. Help attributes include:

Has the ability to make use of other musical instruments

The will to sing with heart and soul so that the musicians can give justice to the song

Ability to sing with confidence like a pro to gain maximum applause during live performances

Training opportunities

School instructions are still the best training ground for Musicians in the military. Other venues may include:

The basic in music modules during training

Techniques on the proper use of other musical instruments

Musical and stage performance management and styling

Techniques on creating thematic backdrops and props

Work atmosphere

The Musicians in the military usually practice their turf in music studios but sometimes do it in other venues to change good environment.

Non-military employment

Civilian Musicians usually work in music bars, music studios, commercial bands, folk houses, hotel bars, recording studios and night spots.

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