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Military Jobs and Careers -
Music Directors

Job specifications

The bands in the military organization have always been a tradition for all ages. They have contributed so much entertainment to the organization during parties, marching activities, concerts and ther stage presentations. For this, the Music Directors which are Officers in the military are playing great roles making plans for successful entertainment and productions during concerts and other presentations.


The duties and responsibilities of Music Directors in the military include:

Creates a good plan to be executed when there are scheduled presentations such as concerts, parades and other activities

Spearheads the band when there are choir and other performances

Leads rehearsals for the bands and the choir

Take control of the funds for the band and choir for the purchase of other musical instruments and other needs such as uniforms, etc.

Advise commanders what are good ideas in as far as his expertise is concerned when there are ceremonies and other activities

Ideal traits

Courses related to the job are helpful attributes for good performance during presentations and stage shows. These helpful attributes include:

Good ear for many kinds of music, pop jazz, ballad, rock, etc.

The skills in music theory and basics

An eye for the needs of others in organizing and planning

Training opportunities

Good training would be classroom instruction depending on the specialty. Content of the course may include:

Conducting for bands as well as arranging is one good training opportunity

Styles in concert which could give applause is also one good training for Music Directors

Management and administration

Work atmosphere

The work place for Music Directors in the military is not concentrated in only one area especially if there are special events for the bands and choir. Sometimes they work in the field which has wider space for the group.

Non-military employment

We can see a lot of Music Directors working in school campuses where there are bands. The band competitions in schools are stiff especially when there civic parades. In this case, the deamnd for Music Directors is high. Others work in musical oechestras, motion pictures and recording industries. They are sometimes called Conductors, Band Leaders, etc.

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