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Military Jobs and Careers -
Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Job specification

In the military there is also the presence of Graphic Designers and Illustrators. They are Enlisted personnel tasked to do the task such as graphic artworks used in publications, posters, charts and other visual materials. They are also part of the film production crew because of their expertise by creating artworks for storylines and other visual materials which could help enhanced quality filming of military projects, and publications.


The duties and responsibilities of Graphic Designers in the military include:

• Layout a digital artworks and graphics

• Design graphs for the military’s funds, number of troops, and the chain of commands organizational structure

• Design charts, posters by his own creative ideas

• Help create training modules for military instructors to present a good visual presentation

• Animation design and cartoons are also part of their job as Graphic Designers and Illustrators

• Design layout for T-shirt printing via silkscreen process

• Backdrops and and props are also included in their work and they always coordinate with film producers for this purpose

Ideal treats

School subjects in art, drawing, cartooning and layouting can be helpful for the job. Other helpful atributes include:

• The skills to create good ideas which can be converted into good visual presentations

• Creativity for lettering and graphic works

• An eye for detailed artworks, graphics and quality designs

Training opportunities

Training instructions could be one of the best training one can get for this kind of job. Training content includes:

• Basic instructions for graphics, layout techniques, lettering and drawing

• Basics for TV graphics and layouts

• Basic theories for color rendering and shades and toning

Work atmosphere

Graphic designers ans Illustrators in the military work in their shops and often transfer to other locations when the need arises especially when there are filming schedules where their expertise are also needed by the directors.

Non-military employment

Graphic designers and Illustrators who are not members of the enlisted men in the military works in private companies, art studios, advertising agencies, print shops, engineering offices, etc.

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