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Military Jobs and Careers -
Broadcast Journalists and News Writers

Job specification

There is also a need for the military organization to make publications such as newsletters as well as TV productions to announcement what is happening inside the chain of command ans what projects in the community they are curtrently undertaking. For this purpose, Boeadcast Journalists and News Writers in the military are tasked to do these functions such as presenting of news programs, radio talk shows, and other related medium where they can present themselves ot the public. In the military the Broadcast Journalist and Newswriters belong to enlisted personnel.


The following duties and responsibilities are perfomed by Broadcast Journalists and News Writers in the military:

Find firsthand information about military activities for their daily news program in the TV and other publications

Makes scripts for their regular radio and TV programs

Writes news articles for publications and press releases

Conducts interview from resource persons in the military as well as schedule interviews

Makes quality news and TV videotaoes on military activities for commercial media

Gather photos and write good captions for publications

Writes features, editorials, etc.

Ideal traits

Helpful subjects which could help enhance the job include Journlism, Developmenr Communication, English and Mass Media studies. Other attributes also include:

The good skill to gather accurate record of information and ther information gathering techniques for very informative and presentation of facts

The skill to write stories, features and editorials clearly to be able to impress readers

Have the nose for gathering news information from various sources in order to present a more concise and very comprehensive reportorial of news in publications and broadcast media

Forceful and clear voice when presenting the news in broadcast channels

Training opportunities

Classroom instruction would be good source of a proper training for this job. Modules of the training should typically include:

Research and newswriting to be able to learn the many techniques in gathering news sources

Excellent performance for newspaper layout and format could be best enhanced in a Publisher software in the computer

Study on photojournalism to be abe to understand the value of presenting both content and photos when presenting a news to the viewers

Training for TV and and radio programming

Work atmosphere

Broadcast Journalist and News Writers work in military studio but sometimes on field assignments when establishing a good story or feature.

Non-military employment

The works of Broadcast Journalists and News Writers are also the same with other professionals of the same type of job. They can work in newspapers, TV and broadcast stations and other news agencies which their skills can be best utilized.

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