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Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians

Job specification

The beauty of the film we enjoy watching would not be enhanced without the production crew which help one another to edit, scrutinized and all other enhancements to make it a quality film for everyone. The only purpose of this is for better viewing of the public. Many technicians are required to help one another and this inlcude the Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians.


There is also an Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians in the military which have the following duties an responsibilities:

Interprets the scripts by working closely with the writers, directors and producers

Makes plans and graphics for good production scenery and also implements quality special effects

Makes use of the filming equipment such as cameras, recorders, and other special effects devices

Be able to prioritize instructions of the film director whether to adjust the focus of the camera, move it or pan or zoom it

Ideal traits

School subjects such as photography, drama, speech and graphics could help enhance the ability of a Audio and Broadcast Technicians which includes:

Making home movies and participating in school plays an advantage

Shows good interest on creatvity and understanding of artistic work

Team player is also an ideal trait for the Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians

Training opportunities

Good training on film making is reall an advantage fort his job as well as advance course related to TV production and Film making. The most related training would also include:

Actual handling of equipment used for motion picture

Training on actual audio recording is a plus factor too

Dealing with special effects and scripting

Work atmosphere

Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians in the military have no permanent office. The work on film locations, military installations, planes and other film locations on schedules.

Non-military employment

Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians can also work in radio stations and other broadcast media since their work in the military is just the same with private practitioner Audiovisual and Broadcast Techncians. They are sometimes referred to as mixers, motion camera operators, audiovisual production specialits ans more.

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