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Military Jobs and Careers -
Audiovisual and Broadcast Directors

Job specification

The Audiovisual and Broadcast Directors are Military Officers task to do audiovisual projects of the organization such as filming, recording of activities or manage other directors to help do the job. The motion pictures which they are filming are usually about positive projects and programs of the military as best informative tool to disseminate to their military installations and other purposes of project presentations.


The following responsibilities are performed by the Audiovisual and Broadcast Directors in the military : Planning for the filming of certain projects including videotaping, TV and radio broadcasting which can help promote the military organization

See to it that there is enough staff to make the project successful including the production staff before a project is started

Command for the standards of the project according to the highest standard in quality filming, videotaping and broadcasting

Supervises the preparation of materials such as scripts and the schedules on when the filming will be made

Ideal traits

The ideal Audiovisual and broadcast Directors should have the:

Ability to be creative in the job so that it can be translated into good production

the knowledge and interest to implement projects

good management in motion picture

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions must be included as part of the good training opportunities. This includes:

Good management in public information

Good management in Military and broadcasting facilities

Good management in the production of films and broadcasting

Work atmosphere

Audiovisual and Broadcast Directors usually works in studios where equipment related are located except for scheduled filming locations in camps and other military installations.

Non-military employment

The Audiovisual and Broadcast Directors in the military is just the same media professional in the film and broadcasting industry in private companies.

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