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Military Jobs and Careers -
Ship Electricians

Job specification

The military has also invested millions of dollars in building fleet of ships to effectively impose its and naval operations. All these sea crafts need electricity to operate its functionality inside the vessel. In order to maintain the ship’s functionality the military also hired the services of expert Ship Electricians. They are enlisted personnel in the military and they are responsible in maintaining the lights on ships weapons, radars, and all other equipment in the vessel that need electricity.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Ship electricians in the military include:

• Conduct wiring installation for equipment and lights needed by the military aboard ships for 24 hours

• Spearhead in troubleshooting electrical wirings using sophisticated military gadgets such as test meters

• Conduct routine inspection on all wiring installations that supply the lights all over the ship like regulators, circuits and transformers

• Spearhead in monitoring electrical connections directed to the engine to avoid electrical circuit problems especially when ships are traveling

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes shop mechanics and mathematics. Other helpful attributes also include:

• Excellent skills in using power tools

• Enthusiasm in learning electricity and electrical machine operations

• Enthusiasm in problem solving involving electricity connections and wiring problems

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in electrical systems, repairs are helpful attributes. Other training programs that are also useful for the job also include:

• Basic theory in electricity so that proper understanding how electricity works can be achieved

• Basic procedures in trouble shooting

• Basics in maintenance and repairs of electrical equipments

• Basics in diagram reading and calculations of resistance levels, amperages and voltage

Work atmosphere

The Ship electricians in the military work on board ships and on ship repair shops inland. They also travel to other military installations when the need arise.

Non-military employment

The civilian Ship Electricians work in electrical companies, manufacturing and industrial firms, car manufacturing companies, private and government offices, shipping lines, and all other huge companies. Their duties and functions are also similar with that of the military.

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