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Military Jobs and Careers -
Aircraft Mechanics

Job specification

The military gets the services of Aircraft Mechanics to maintain the conditioning of its aircrafts. They are enlisted personnel in the military’s chain of command and they see to it that helicopters, planes and war planes are properly tuned up everyday. They execute daily tune up, check up and repairs of various parts of the aircraft.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Aircraft Mechanics in the military organization include:

• Maintain the conditioning of helicopters, fighter planes, and repair malfunctioning units

• Conduct inspections and repair of aircraft wings, assemblies and fuel gases

• Repair landing gears and other vital parts of the aircrafts

• Inspect the plane’s electrical devices, connections, and replace starters

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

• Excellent skills in using hand tools so that productivity and output can be enhanced in the process

• Enthusiasm in the use of engine mechanics so that repair procedures are always appreciated

• Enthusiasm in work that involves aircrafts so that accomplishments in the jobs are guaranteed

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related job are ideal training for the check up, inspections and repair of aircraft engine parts. Other helpful attributes include:

• Repair and disassembly of aircraft engine parts which give enough lessons about aircraft maintenance

• Repair in electrical systems as well as its hydraulic systems

• Conduct fixing of fiberglass, coverings, and airframes and all other aircrafts parts and service

Work atmosphere

The Aircraft Mechanics work in the military’s hangars as well as in machine shops near the military installations and bases.

Non-military employment

The civilian Aircraft Mechanics work in the manufacturers of various aircrafts, private and government agencies and commercial airlines. Their duties and functions are also the sake with that of the military.

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