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Military Jobs and Careers -
Law Enforcement and Security Officers

Job specification

Inside the military organization police force is also created to protect lives and properties and to patrol costal areas in the province. The military installations are always kept to be sound and physically safe from unwanted fires.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Fire Fighters in the military include sociology, and criminal justice. Others also include:

Spearhead in enforcing law and order in the military

Design traffic plans and help reduce accidents

Supervise the release, transfer the transfer of military offenders

Direct criminal investigation

Conduct investigations on suspected treasons

Spearhead staff in managing correctional facilities

Help in finger printing, ballistic, and polygraph examinations

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes psychology, criminal justice, and business administration. Other helpful attributes also includes:

Enthusiasm in crime prevention and law enforcement

Enthusiasm in helping others develop good plans

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs are ideal subject matters. Other course contents which are also ideal for training include:

Good administration in the enforcement of laws

Good management especially in problems of security

Reporting and investigation procedures

Law and order in the military

Work atmosphere

The Law Enforcement and Security Officers in the military work in offices and also outdoors during police operations and investigations.

Non-military employment

The civilian Law Enforcement and Security Officers work in local police units, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, federal state, and private security companies. Their works and duties are only the same with that of the military.

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