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Military Jobs and Careers -
Intelligence Specialists

Job specification

Gathering of intelligence information in the military is one basic tool to keep good plans for national defense. Through intel inforation gathering the military would know the location, number of forces and potential battle areas. To effectiviely gather A1 information from the enemy, the Intelligence Specialists use aerial photographs, radar and other electronic equipment, study and evaluate the information and design plans. They are considered enlisted personnel in the organization.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Intelligence Specialists in the military include:

Conduct study of foreign ships, missile sites, bases as well as aerial photographs

Conduct study and evaluation of foreign troop movements

Use radar and other equipment to interccept foreign military conversation

Conduct analysis and study in seas and land whiah could become battle sites in times of war

Retrieve intel data and conduct evaluation using computers

Make good study of foreign military code so that it would be easy to monitor their movements

Conduct preventive measures, maintenance and installation of facilities and equipment

Make maps, charts and other reports of intel gathered

Spearhead investigation to neutralize national security threats

Execute other form of intel gathering by conducting interrogation and interview

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

Excellent skills on information organizing

Excellent skills in writing accurately and clearly

Enthusiasm in intel gatheing and understanding whart it means

Enthusiasm in accurate reading of charts and maps

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in similar sibjects are helpful attributes in intel gathering practice. Other helpful attributes also includes:

Aerial planning and analysis on satellite observations

Preparation of charts, maps and other intelligence reports

Analysis of aerial photographs necessary to effectively understand intel information

Work atmosphere

Intelligence Specialists work in office and onboard ships. They also work in tents during tour of duty requires in intel information gathering.

Non-military employment

The civilian Intel Officers work in the federal government agencies including Central Intelligene Agency (CIA), or the National Security Agency (NSA). Their duties and responsibilities are only similar with that of the military.

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