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Military Jobs and Careers -
Intelligence Officers

Job specification

The military organization tops the expertise of Intelligence Officers to gather excellent intelligence data even from enemy lines, the size, location, strength and capacities of enemy forces. The Intelligence Officers gather aerial photographs using radar and other top of the line gadgets. They also detect technical information and all other pertinent information about the enemy.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Intelligence Officers in the military organization include:

Direct aerial surveillance including land and sea intelligence gathering

Make plans aimed at intercepting enemy conversations

Make analysis on aerial and photograph data

Spearhead in the reporting of intelligence records

Give briefings to field commanders on intelligence information gathered

Assist in military missions especially in using electronic data

Spearhead in the gathering of important intelligence data and analyze them

Spearhead security information so that the military organization knows the movements of the enemy as well as those considered terrorists

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes engineering, computer science, cryptology and mathematics. Other helpful attributes include:

Excellent skills on management and organizing activities that enhances military programs

Excellent skills in working abstract problems

Enthusiasm in data analysis so that satisfactory results can be achieved

Enthusiasm in problem solving

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related subject matters are ideal training program for this job. Course contents which are also helpful are:

Intelligence gathering operations in air, sea and land

Interpretation of the photographs gathered during intelligence gathering

Control of surveilance facilities

Weapons systems including reconnaissance equipment

Work atmosphere

The Intelligence Officers work in offices as well outdoors espcially when there are intel missions and gathering of data.

Non-military employment

Most of the civilian Intel Officers work in the federal agencies, Central intelligence agencies, Central intelligence agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau Of Investigations (FBI.)

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