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Military Jobs and Careers -
Dental Specialists

Job specification

The military not only provided billions of dollars for its power might but as well as for the health care services it gives to its personnel and officers. Dental care is one of the various health care services offered by the military organization to its hundreds of thousands of active members. The dental specialists are enlisted personnel in the military which help the activities of the military’s official dentists.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Dental Specialists in the military organization include:

• Assist the dentists in daily activities in the dental clinic as well as during oral surgery operation

• Make the records prior to patients dental examination by choosing instruments

• Assist the dentist in preparing for the dental equipment as well as in the preparation for dental compound

• Direct in cleaning the patient’s teeth including scaling and the use of polishing equipment

• Produce x-rays of patients gums, teeth and jaws

• Help provide advise to patients to take care of their teeth everyday

• Prepare records, and perform administrative functions such keeping data of patient as well as scheduling of the next visits

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

• The skills to listen to careful instructions especially in dental procedures

• Excellent coordination of eyes and hands

• Enthusiasm in dealing with people

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience from related jobs are also helpful in the job. Course contents which are also helpful include:

• Basic knowledge in preventive dentistry

• The many techniques in the radiology

• Procedures in dental hygiene

Work atmosphere

The Dental Specialist in the military organization work in office specifically in his dental office which is also inside the military facility. Sometimes he also travel to other military facility when the need arises.

Non-military employment

The civilian Dental Specialists work in corporate companies, government offices, colleges and universities. Their work is also similar with that of the military. They are commonly known in the community as dental assistants.

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