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Military Jobs and Careers -
Ordnance Specialists

Job specification

Ordnance Specialists are enlisted personnel in the military chain of command. They are responsible in directly carrying out the maintenance, repairs and storage of weapons, ammunitions and explosives which they also take direct orders from Ordnance Officers to carry out the tasks.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Ordnance specialists in the military organization include:

Direct the loading of weapons, explosives and missiles in aircrafts, ships and submarines

Spearhead in the inspection of missile launch, mounted guns and release systems

Spearhead in assembling and loading of missiles, explosives and guns

Direct in the diffusion of bombs that fail to explode

Identify and dispose chemical munitions carefully and accurately

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

The skills to remain cool in times of difficult and stressful situations

Enthusiasm in works that deal with the handling of guns and explosives

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs are helpful attributes for good training. Other helpful attributes which helps enhance knowledge and skills also include:

Basics in nuclear weapons maintenance is important training so that everyone in the ordnance division would properly know how to take care and handle weapons for safety and precautionary measures

Testing, storage, and maintenance of weapons, explosives, and rockets so that personnel could grasp proper knowledge on their job

Work atmosphere

The Ordnance Specialists work in shops during repair and assembly of some ordnance as well as during proper storage handling. They also work outdoors during transport of explosives, weapons and other armaments such as explosives and ammunitions.

Non-military employment

The civilian counterparts of Ordnance specialists can be found only in private manufacturing firms such as those who manufacture weapons. There is no direct counterpart in the military for this kind of job. The training for Ordnance Specialists can be used in daily lives of civilians.

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