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Military Jobs and Careers -
Environmental Health and Safety Specialists

Job specification

The military considers its installations all over the globe a small community which connect and works with residents and where their bases are installed. As part of the community the military sees to it that their bases are sanitary fit for everyone. The Environmental Health and Safety Specialists are enlisted personnel in the organization and they are responsible in inspecting various military facilities to check whether their present facility is hazard free or it needs some facelift and become environment-friendly.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Environment and Safety Specialists in the military include:

Check storage of food supplies, and other places deemed hazardous to health

Make analysis on water samples to see to it that military personnel and official are safety using potable water supply

Hold searches on military quarters and base facilities and conduct investigations a to their health and safety status

Schedule training among military personnel regarding, occupational health, industrial hygiene and environmental health

Spearhead in monitoring radiation levels and noise pollution in job areas

Give Training on environmental health, industrial hygiene and occupational health concerns

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

Enthusiasm in systematic gathering of data and other information

Enthusiasm in encouraging others to protect mother nature

Willingness to work in details

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs in sanitation and health are ideal training programs. Course contents that are also ideal subject matters include:

Learning properly on what are health hazards or not to immediately implement solutions before it can affect the military environment in the bases

Lead in the proper monitoring and inspections of food service and food products

Conduct checking on waste management and disposal facilities

Work atmosphere

Environmental health and safety specialists work in office to study data and make plans for health management. They also work outdoors when inspecting military facilities, buildings, water facilities and waste disposal system.

Non-military employment

The civilian counterparts of Environmental health and safety specialists work in sanitary offices in the federal, local government units, colleges and universities, corporate and companies.

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