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Military Jobs and Careers -
Emergency Management Officers

Job specification

Among the other tasks of the military which is worthy of emulation is on emergency situations, disasters and other forms of calamities. They field their trained rescue units to respond to immediate rescue operations when the need arises. Leading the team from the military for emergency relief operations, evacuations and rescue operations are the Emergency management Officers.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Emergency management officers in the military include:

Spearhead in organizing of emergency units to immediately respond to emergency siations

Conduct research on how to effectively respond in times of disaster

Hold training program on how to effectively utilize disaster teams

Coordinate with local and national agencies and make plans on proper coordination purposes and joint disaster and rescue plans

Prepare complete gears for disaster preparedness activities and rescue operations

Make warning systems and also establish safe shelters in times of relief and rescue operations

Make risk assessment to evaluate chemical and bilogical hazards in disaster and rescue operations

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military include law enforcement, engineering and environmental sciences. Other helpful attributes also include:

The skills of claerly expressing ideas and complete thought

The ability to stay cool in times of difficult situations

Enthusiasm in making preparations and developing constructive ideas

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs are helpful in this job in the military. Course contents which are also helpful include:

Disaster preparednesss program, planning and implementation

Basics for the safe handling of chemical, biological, and nuclear contamination

Study on the possible effects of radiation

Basic preparedness for nuclear accident victims

Work atmosphere

The Emergency management officers work in office making plans for effective disaster relief and operation, and also work outdoors during disaster and rescue operations.

Non-military employment

The civilian counterpart of Emergency management officers usually work in the federal and local government units. There are also non-government emergency management officers who are funded by businessmen to perform duties and functions similar to that of the military.

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