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Military Jobs and Careers -
Unmanned Vehicle (UV) Operations Specialists

Job specification

Many military organizations have established a highly sophisticated space facilities used in intelligence data gathering, deep sea exploration, target applications and remote surveillance facilities. This job in the military organization requires the expertise of Unmanned Vehicle Operator Specialists. They operate unmanned vehicles to conduct spot checking of the functionalities of the said vehicles. They are considered enlisted personnel in the military organzations.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Unmaned vehicle operations specialists in the military oganization include:

Install equipment in out outside of the unmanned vehicles as well as conduct repairs when they malfunction

Navigate, track, recover and launch unmanned vehicles

Use equipment in using remote ground controls as well as by using remote receiving stations

Make coordination with other space specialists to complete the mission

Maintain the functionalities of the unmanned vehicles

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military include:

Enthusiasm in working with space working tools

Schematic drawing and electronic theory

Highly skilled in adapting the three and spatial relationship

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experiences on job-related activities are helpful attributes. Other hepful subject matters also includes:

Basics and concepts of unmanned vehicles so that it is easy to operate by the specialists and those handling the unit

Unmanned vehicles operation and activities are among the best source of ample training since actual vehicle operation

Preventive maintenance and procedures to avoid any untoward accident in the future

Work atmosphere

The Unmanned vehicles operations specialists work in army designated space laboratory and facilities. Others work in land, on the ground and onboard ships.

Non-military employment

Mining explorations and petroleum explorations used unmanned vehicles to be able to maximized their productivity in the job. Civilian operators of this unmanned vehicle have the same functions with that of the military.

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