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Military Jobs and Careers -
Space Operations Officers

Job specification

The military is also giving a million dollar budget annualy for space explorations. In the space, the military maintains satellites and space vehicles for reasons of national security. The Space Operations Officers play a big role maintaining the space vehicles and other space exploration activities.


The usual duties and functions of Space operations officers in the military organization include:

Take charge in the management of space facilities maintain by the military

Manage operations of space vehicles, propulsion of systems necessary to maintain ground space vehicles

Train astronauts and develop by using flight simulation exercises equipment

Design a plan for space stations so that proper care and management of the equipment to be maintained in space will be enhanced properly

Design a good plan for space stations according to modern technology design systems

Spearhead space center launch including recovery procedures

Pilot space shuttles as well as give orders to member astronauts

Conduct space experiments while onboard space aircraft

Spearhead in the monitoring of missile launches and and space flights

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

The excellent skills to becomea teamworker immediately

The ability to make decisions soundly and based on accurate thinking

Enthusiasm in the conduct of scientific scientific researches based on other suggestions

Enthusiasm in travelling space and doing some important and work-related activites

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in the military chain of command are best training for this kind of individuals. Course contents which are also helpful include:

Evaluation space equipment and transport vehicles

Space mission developent programs

Basics in holding space flight programs

Simulation exercise and space flights

Work atmosphere

The Space operations officers work in office and also in space when there are space exploration activities. When working they are allowed to work at zero gravity.

Non-military employment

There are also a number of Space operations officers that work in the National Aeronautics Space Administration. Their duties and responsibilities are very similar to that of the military.

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