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Military Jobs and Careers -
Physical Scientists

Job specification

Physical Scientists are Officers in the military organization and they are responsible manage and conduct research in many fields including meteorology, oceanography, physics, and chemistry. They also develop new technologies in areas such as engineering and medicine. Physical Scientists may also developed weapons, including weather forecasts.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Physical Scientists in the military include:

Doing research especially in areas where their expertise are highly valuable to get good results and accomplishments

Spearhead in conducting experiments especially in the areas such as biophysics, aerodynamics, optics and astrophysics

Spearhead specialized research especially on military and weapons systems

Give analysis on the weight, strength, flexibility of various types of materials

Give analysis and evaluation on scientific data to carefully assist it

Give training on military personnel to enhance their knowledge on certain subject matters

Supervise laboratories and spearhead staff to make experiments

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this job in the military includes:

Enthusiasm in data analyzing and collecting during the conducts of experiments so that satisfactory results of the project can be obtained

Enthusiasm in technical works including scientific research to be able to arrive at positive results

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs are ideal training for this kind of job in the military. However, training in the job is only very limited.

Work atmosphere

Physical Scientists in the military work in laboratories but some also work outdoors to conducting research and experiment on specialized subjects.

Non-military employment

Civilian physical scientists work in chemical companies, industrial and manufacturing plants, colleges and universities. Physical scientists may also be contracted on specialized research on new fuel sources using nuclear and solar energy to give more options for consumers of gasoline fuel.

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