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Military Jobs and Careers -
Life Scientists

Job specification

The military does not only focus its attention on defenses when the country or its people is under threat of invasion from saboteurs, it also involve itself in various studies involving the study of animals and pests, and how it can become harmful to human lives. The Life Scientists who are also Officers in the organization conduct various studies on pests and bacteria which cause diseases on humans. The chemistry and biology of living organisms is also studied by these military professionals.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Life Scientists in the military include:

Conduct studies on bacteria and other parasites to know how they will be bale to victimize humans

Conduct research on how diseases, poison and radiation can affect humans

Conduct studies on how drugs, gases and chemicals can affect living organisms

Conduct researches on how people can be better immunized to better protect them from virus infection caused by bacteria and other forms of diseases

Study blood chemistry to understand how diseases can successfully enter blood vessels without the man knowing he is already attacked by the virus

Study human physiology, effects of aerospace flights, including temperature

Conduct dependable study on food handling methods

Conduct researches on how military ships, and military bases can be free from attack of contagious diseases

Prepare experiments and record and write reports

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

The skills in clearly expressing ideas so that results are 100 percent reliable

Enthusiasm in the research of mathematical formulas, biology, medical research, biology and biochemistry

Enthusiasm in working with scientific formulas

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual training in previous jobs are ideal training in the job. Other course contents which are helpful attributes are not yet implemented for the military Officers of the same position and functions.

Work atmosphere

The Life Scientists usually work in laboratories inside military bases and sometimes on board ships when the need arises.

Non-military employment

The civilian Scientists work in big industrial and manufacturing companies, blood banks, pharmaceuticals, colleges and universities, chemical companies. Their functions are only the same with other scientists.

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