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Military Jobs and Careers -
Industrial Engineers

Job specification

The equipment that the military are using must conform to quality standards and high functionality. Thus, the military hire the services of Industrial Engineers. They are responsible in the in assuring quality control programs to make sure the organization uses quality products and dependable systems. Industrial Engineers are considered officers in the military.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Industrial engineers in the military organization include:

• Use proven formula in mathematics including analysis of how quality control can be achieved in the process

• Use calculations to produce accurate data that would ensure quality and high performing equipment

• Spearhead in planning for quality control strategies

• Lead in the designing of products as well test its dependability according to the system that supports the program

• Make analysis on how human uses machines and also determine how human factors affect the viability of the system

• Implement various mathematical formulas and models to determine cost analysis

• Ensure close coordination with contractors and other organizations to make sure requirements are meet

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

• Highly skilled in planning and organizing various study programs

• Enthusiasm in doing technical work so that boredom can be prevented

• Enthusiasm in working with people so that reliable achievements is fulfilled

• Enthusiasm in understanding different models and mathematical formulas

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in related jobs are ideal training program for this kind of work. Course contents that are also helpful attributes include:

• Standards in management as well as policies and procedures

• Training in decision making and problem analysis

• Methods in processing quality productions

Work atmosphere

The Industrial engineers work in offices but occasionally works outdoors especially when monitoring the installation of equipment and systems at contractor’s manufacturing plants.

Non-military employment

The civilian Industrial Engineers work in big industries, plants, manufacturing companies, and government offices. Their works are very similar with that of Industrial engineers in the military.

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