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Military Jobs and Careers -
Social Workers

Job specification

The Social Workers in the military organization are considered Officers contrary to the notion that they are only enlisted personnel. Since the military needs the importance of team work in many of its activities the entry of Social workers into the organization is of prime importance too. They specialize in improving social conditons of people which usually results to social problems if not treated properly such as alcoholism, sexism, drug abuse and racism.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Social Workers in the military chain of command include:

• Gives counselling to military personnel including their respective families as well as study the collected case studies of military personnel having social problems

• Supervise case workers in the proper collection of case studies to clients as well as other counsellors

• Spearhead in the conduct of survey to military personnel to identify problems and offer solutions to their social problems

• Make a specialized program that would help solve the social problems of military personnel

• Spearhead in monitoring and planning of program opportunities

• Lead in organizing community activities inside the military camp

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military includes:

• The skills to present ideas clearly so that easy implementation of programs is also greatly enhanced

• Willingness to help military personnel in their social problems using excellent approaches

• Enthusiasm in teaching as well as conducting research

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions which can greatly help improve skills are also needed for the training. Other course content also includes:

• Basics and important ways to control military personnel’s drug abuse, sexism , racism and alcoholism

• Good management on the part of giving equal opportunity program for all

Work atmosphere

The Social Workers work indoors in its offices in land and onboard ships.

Non-military employment

The civilian counterpart of the military’s social workers work in corporate offices, hospitals, clinics, schools, federal state, city and national governments as well in their own private offices which cater to private customers.

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