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Military Jobs and Careers -
Religious Program Specialists

Job specification

The members in the military organization has different religious beliefs and denominations. In this situation the military provides Chaplains and other Religious Program Specialists to meet the religious and spiritual needs of the members. The Religious Program Specialists coordinates and assists the chaplains when there are religious services.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Religious Program Specialists in the military chain of command include:

Coordinate with Chaplains in the conduct of religious services so that smooth and orderly activity is assured

Help chaplains plan religious activities for the purpose of well-coordinated religious programs for the military with different religious backgrounds

Spearhead in the preparation of religious materials and other religious publications

Spearhead in the organization of charitable and public volunteer groups

Coordinates with other religious groups in the community which may also help enhance the involvement of the military

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military include public speaking, accounting, and English.

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions, advance training, as well as actual experience in the communities help promote good training programs. Other helpful course contents also include:

The basics and procedures in establishing religious programs

Basics in guidance counselling programs necessary in the conduct of trainings

Proven leadership skills so that project and programs are well implemented

Basics in office management and procedures so that smooth management in the office as well as religious activities will be developed

Work atmosphere

Religious Program Specialists work in offices. Some also serves on board ships and other military installations. They also travel in other military offices when the need of the job requires them to travel.

Non-military employment

The civilian counter part of Religious Program Specialists help in the management of churches and religious schools. Sometimes they are also considered director of religious activities in the local setting in communities.

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