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Job specification

Some members of the military faces lots of challenges most especially after they’ve come from combat zones. They need some psychological enhancement to keep them cope up with stress and pressures. This psychological works need the expertise of professional Psychologists to keep military personnel and officers mentally fit and alert. The military organization also needs Psychogists because of their expertise in studying human behevior as well as treat patients with mental problems. The Psychologists in the military are considered Officers.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Psychologists in the military chain of command include:

• Spearhead in the research of military personnel behavior as well as study their present state and the way they look at things surrounding them

• Lead in the conduct of aptitude tests and monitor behaviors of military personnel and officers

• Diagnose patients by giving them psychological tests and interprets results of the tests

• Make sure that patients are treated individually or in groups according to their needs

• Plan experimentations and other good alternatives to keep the mental and moral disciplines of the military

• Make researches on other related matters

• Check research projects perform by other contractors

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military include:

• Willingness to help the need of other people

• Enthusiasm in statistics as well as in mathematics

• Willingness in conducting more research in sciences

Training oportunities

Classroom instruction as well as actual community training are helpful attributes in this kind of job in the military organization.

Work atmosphere

The Psychologists work in office, military hospitals, medical clinics whether in land or on board ships. They also travel in other military installations when the need arises.

Non-military employment

The Psychologists who are not in the military work in hospitals, corporate offices, mental health centers, colleges and universities, while others also establish their own private offices and take care of private patients.

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