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Military Jobs and Careers -
Caseworkers and Counsellors

Job specification

The military chain of command has also some members who are faced with problems in their families, alcohol and substance abuse, career decisions and other emotional problems. These concerns in the organization are also attended by the special department of Caseworkers and Counselors who are enlisted personnel in the military. These professionals in the military deal with these problems and other concerns of military personnel.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Case workers and Counselors in the military organization include:

Conduct case studies and interview personnel having certain problems and other emotional concerns

Make sure to identify their problems and offer solutions and guidance to those referred to their office

Gives good counsel to military personnel as well as their families

Conduct psychological tests among military personnel

Assist military personnel by evaluating their chosen careers

Records the result of case study and counseling session

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in the job includes psychology, social science, speech and biology. Other helpful subjects also include:

The ability to deal with people having emotional and psychological problems

Enough patience in dealing with individuals for a period of time during counseling and emotional healing sessions

Understanding to the needs of clients who are having problems

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as ideal counseling practice are good training ground for the enhancement of counseling knowledge. Other helpful topics also include:

Proper orientation and practice on counseling procedures

Basics in proper interviewing and counseling of clients

Proper treatment and dealing procedures on victims of alcohol and substance abuse

Proper techniques in counseling and handling of clients

Work atmosphere

The Case workers and Counselors work in offices in military bases as well as on board ships.

Non-military employment

The Case Workers and Counselors who are civilians work in counseling clinics, psychological clinics, and private and government human resource offices.

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