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Job specification

The Chaplains is one of the important component in keeping the moral values and behavioral pattern of military personnel and officer. In fact, a Chaplain in the military bases holds the rank of an Officer. The chaplains conduct masses and other religious activities inside the military base churches.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Chaplains in the military chain of command include:

Hold mass and other worship services to keep the faith of military personnel

Hold other church services such as weddings and funerals of military personnel and officers who married and as well those who died of either old age or in combat zones

Provide spiritual advise and conduct visits in military hospitals and to military personnel families

Supervise and oversee Sunday religious activities of the church inside military bases

Provide training to lay ministers who spearheads religious activities

Prepare publications and other religious messages in special military gatherings

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in the Chaplaincy job includes:

Excellent knowledge in theology to clearly give good ideas and homilies during mass

Enthusiasm in helping others improve their spirituality needs

Understanding to the needs of many people inside military bases as well the personnel families

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as related subject matters dealing with religion are helpful attributes. Course content also includes:

Training on the responsibility of chaplains to the moral value formation of the personnel

The strategies in handling the religious needs of military personnel and officers

Strategies and basic procedures in handling churches in military bases

Basics in pastoral counseling

Work atmosphere

The Chaplains in the military organization work in military established churches, hospitals and also onboard ships.

Non-military employment

The priests who are not holding religious services inside military bases also hold the same services such as holding of masses and other religious activities in various churches, correctional institutions, and school institutions all over the globe.

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