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Military Jobs and Careers -
Construction Specialists

Job specification

The Construction Specialists are enlisted personnel in the military. They carry out the orders of civil engineers in building temporary and permanent structures in various military installations of the world. Construction Specialists direct the building and repairs of dams, roads, bridges and bunkers.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Construction Specialists in the military include among others as:

• Carry out the building foundations using mortars, bricks, slabs, or stones

• Using hammers, drills and saws they erect wood frames of the foundation or buildings

• Prepare to install roofing using shingles, etc.

• Direct the installation of plaster, plasterboard in order to create the interior ceilings and walls

• Prepare for the laying of ceramic and wood tiles, and also prepare for the building porches and stair cases

• Build shelters either temporary or not for the storing of supplies

Ideal traits

Field of specialization which is very important for this kind of job in the military organization includes industrial arts, woodworking and others. Helpful attributes which also important include:

• excellent skills in reading blueprints of the project

• Enthusiasm in using tool in the performance of duties

• Willingness for physical works

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions in related topics such as masonry and carpentry, and advance training as well as actual experience are good venue for training. Other helpful ones also include:

• Basics on building constructions

• Methods and basics in masonry and other related topics

• Topics about joints and braces in constructions

• Drawings and interpretations of blue prints are also vital training material

• Basics on mixing plaster, concrete and bricks

Work atmosphere

The Construction Specialists work in construction sites where the projects of the military are being located.

Non-military employment

The civilian construction specialists work in construction firms, manufacturing plants, private and government-run engineering offices. Their duties and functions are only the same with that of the military’s construction specialists. In local lingo they are also called masons, bricklayers and cement finishers.

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