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Military Jobs and Careers -
Building Electricians

Job specification

In military commands and installations the use of electricity is a vital component to light up hospitals, operate computers, communication facilities and other equipment that uses the source of electricity. The Building Electricians who are enlisted personnel in the military organization spearhead in installing electrical wirings as well as repair defective connections in hangars, and other buildings.


The usual role of Building Electricians in the military chain of command includes:

Lead in the installation and wiring of junction boxes, circuit breakers, and other wiring installation

Spearhead in the preparation of installation blue prints on wiring installations, layouts and other repair orders

Spearhead in bending and cutting of string wires especially when conducting tubing and piping

Take charge in the inspection of power distribution electrical machines to make an efficient lighting service

Execute repair on faulty wirings which may caused accidental fires

Take charge in the installation of lighting rods. The aim is to protect electrical system

Ideal traits

Field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military:

The skills to use specific hand tools

Enthusiasm in knowing electricity as a means of careful study

Have the preference of doing strenuous work and activities

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are still ideal training program as well as actual experience. Course content includes:

The basics in electricity

Trouble shooting is also one of the best training in the military

Safety procedures in handling the wiring and installation program

Strategies in handling junction boxes, switches and outlets

Work atmosphere

The Building Electricians work outdoors when there are installations outside of the military command. They also work indoors when it is necessary for the job.

Non-military employment

The civilian counterparts of Building Electricians usually work in electrical distribution companies, government and private entities. Their work and training is very similar to that in the military.

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