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Military Jobs and Careers -
Surveying, Mapping and Drafting Technicians

Job specification

Each year the military builds barracks, airstrips, roads, docks and other projects. They also repair some of their installations which had already served the military for a period of decades that were already dilapidated. The Surveying, mapping, and drafting technicians are responsible for this job. They make detailed plans and execute the building and repair of these military installations.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Surveying, mapping, and drafting technicians in the military include:

Draft plans and charts that serve as their guides in the proper implementation using computers and sophisticated drafting tools

Design plans for road projects, buildings, and other military installations

Design detailed diagrams for wiring and plumbing works

Make perspectives and scale models for projects to be implemented

Prepare aerial photographs of projects to see the future results of the ongoing projects

Use the sophisticated global positioning method to locate project locations via satellite

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful in this job in the military includes geometry, algebra, trigonometry and other mathematical formulas and related topics. Other helpful attributes also include:

Excellent skills in converting good and sound ideas into detailed plans

Enthusiasm in reading charts and maps which is very helpful in the job

Enthusiasm in working with the most sophisticated computers to create drafting requirements for the project

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience in the job are vital components to enhance knowledge. Other helpful training subjects also include:

The basics of drafting and surveying which can help increase knowledge and expertise

Interpretation of aerial photos

Basics in architectural drafting and drawing which is greatly used in designing the projects

Work atmosphere

The Surveying, mapping, and drafting technicians work in offices in military installations but they also work on sites when the need arises. When they conduct surveys on actual project sites they work in all weather conditions.

Non-military employment

Civilian counterparts of this kind of job in the military works in surveying offices, water services, plumbing services, architectural firms, engineering firms and many other corporate and government offices.

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