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Military Jobs and Careers -
Civil Engineers

Job specification

The military bases all over the globe are built conducive for all military officers and enlisted personnel. They build roads, bridges, buildings, docks and water facilities and this expertise need the services of Civil Engineers. In the military organization, civil engineers also pay their role to make the military living comfortable wherever they maybe in the world.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Civil Engineers in the military chain of command include:

Make a study on how airfields, buildings, roads and other military facilities are to be installed

Make direct survey in places where the military facilities will be established

Make a good design for the project after thorough research and site visits

Assist in getting contractors to build and execute the plans

Supervise the project in such manners that it meets the criteria of the military including specifications

Lead in planning for the facility maintenance and development

Make plan for temporary facilities to be established during emergency situations

Keep records of plans for easy references

Ideal traits

Field of study which is very helpful in this kind of job includes:

The enthusiasm in learning engineering principles

Enthusiasm in working with engineering mathematical formula

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions and other advance courses are ideal for training in this kind of military job.

Work atmosphere

The civil engineers work in office when supervising for making of the draft of constructions plans and also work indoor when supervising ongoing construction projects in the military organization. They also travel to various military facilities all over the globe to supervise and observe how the militarys constructions of roads, bridges and other installations are being established by winning contractors.

Non-military employment

The civil engineers work in construction companies, manufacturing firms, government and private establishments. Their work is very similar with the Civil Engineers in the military.

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