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Military Jobs and Careers -
Radar and Sonar Operators

Job specification

The military uses sophisticated equipment used in tracking missiles, and other aircrafts, equipment that is used to determine ships, positions of artillery fire and more. These equipments need the expertise of Radar and Sonar Operators. Since they specialized in this equipment they are vital partners in making these machines work efficiently.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Radar and Sonar Operators in the military organization include:

• They lead in the detection of the speed of missile launched during combat operations as well as track the position of the aircraft, ships and submarines

• Use plotting boards to record plotted data so that a study on the data can be studied immediately

• Use radar equipment to direct artillery fire

• Take charge in monitoring the defense system warning device

• Take charge in sending and receiving messages using the most sophisticated communication equipment

Ideal traits

Field of study helpful for the enhancement of this kind of job in the military includes:

• The skill to focus specially on long periods of time

• Enthusiasm in carefully handling electronic equipment to enhance self

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as actual experience on radar and sonar operation and other related work help in the acquiring of proper knowledge. Course content that is also helpful includes:

• The operation of radar and sonar equipment is utmost necessary

• Training on identification of enemy planes, ships, and submarines

• Compute aircraft and missiles, submarines’ speed

Work atmosphere

The Radar and Sonar Operators who are enlisted personnel in the military work in radio room, call centers and other military installation all over the globe.

Non-military employment

There is no equivalent for this kind of job in the military but the training provided by the command may become helpful attributes for good employment in corporate companies.

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