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Military Jobs and Careers -
Communications Equipment Operators

Job specification

The Communicators and Equipment Operators in the military chain of command are enlisted personnel. Since the military has sophisticated communication gadgets to transmit communications all over the globe and during battle with enemies, the Communicators Equipment Operators handle this equipment with their proven expertise. They handle communication gadgets such as antennas, telephones, radios, and other complex devices.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Communications Equipment Operators in the military include:

Handle transmission and encoding of messages according to military protocols and procedures

Handle decoding of important and classified messages

Take charge in the operations of various communication gadgets such as network switches, phone switch boards, etc.

Install communication equipment in areas needed to provide better transmission of orders to the ground commanders and vice versa

Take charge in monitoring calls

Use state of the art computers and communication signals, electronic and other warfare gadgets

Spearhead in installing communication equipment and repairs them when malfunctions

Ideal traits

The field of study which is helpful subject matters for this kind of job in the military organization includes English and Speech communication. Other helpful attributes also include:

The skills to retain coolness in times of difficult and risky situations

Enthusiasm in receiving codes as well understanding with these codes

Enthusiasm in handling with various sophisticated communication equipment

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions as well as advance training on specialized courses are helpful attributes for good training. Course modules for training also include:

The use of the most sophisticated and complex communication equipment in the military chain of command

Security in communications

Encoding and decoding the transmitted messages

Work atmosphere

The Communication Equipment Operators can work either in the office or on board military ships and other military installations.

Non-military employment

The civilian counterparts of Communication Equipment Operators work in big business, airports, telephone companies, fire bureaus, police stations. They are very similar with that work in the military.

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