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Military Jobs and Careers -
Communications Managers

Job specification

To ensure accurate exchange of communications on land, sea and air, the military organization establish the most modern and sophisticated communication facilities run by communication engineers and experts. The Communications Managers direct operations of the communications system in the military. These officers also manage communication department personnel in relay situations and other communication depots.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Communication Managers in the military chain of command include:

Plan and execute roles in receiving and transmitting communications from field commanders and other military installations

Lead personnel who use computers and other communication gadgets and satellite communication facilities

Take charge in ensuring security of communication facilities

Lead personnel in the maintenance of communication equipment

Plan budget requirements for operations of communication facilities

Ideal traits

Field of study which is helpful in his kind of job in the military includes:

Enthusiasm in leading others for successful performance of duties and responsibilities

Enthusiasm in learning technical work so that expertise would be develop soon

Enthusiasm in handling communication facilities such as electronic equipment, radios and computers

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are still ideal for good training as well as actual experience and advance courses. Course content on related matters also include:

Theory in communications as well as security

Proper management and handling of sophisticated communication facilities

Training in new technologies such as satellite communications and other top of the line gadgets

Training and principles on electronic technologies which is very helpful for this kind of expertise in the military

Work atmosphere

The Communication Managers in the military chain of command works in control towers, military satellite communications facilities, on board ships and other military communication centers.

Non-military employments

The civilian counterparts for this kind of expertise work in telephone companies, private corporate offices, and also in national government offices.

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