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Military Jobs and Careers -
Avionics Technicians

Job specification

Aircrafts such as airplanes and helicopters in the military have complex operations and systems that need the services of Avionics Technicians. Most of the complexities in these aircrafts were in the electrical systems. The Avionics Technicians who are enlisted personnel in the organization fix whenever problems of malfunctioning within the plane’s electrical system.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Avionics Technicians in the military include:

• In charge in troubleshooting malfunctioning in the electrical system - which may result in poor performance of the aircraft’s built in communication gadgets

• Replace parts and connection which are already defected and may only affect performance of the plane

• Install necessary electronic gadgets and new wiring system to ensure good performance when running the plane

• Test defective instruments in the plane such as altimeters, temperature gauges, and tachometers

• In charge in reading electronic diagrams

Ideal traits

Field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military organization includes:

• The excellent skills to perform duties using tools

• Enthusiasm in handling electrical systems so that expertise can be obtained in the future

• Enthusiasm in knowing the cause of the problem as well as offer solution

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are good attributes for good training in this kind of job, as well as actual experiences inside the military camp. Other helpful subject matters also include:

• Theories in electronics and electrical

• Procedures in troubleshooting

• The good techniques in installation

• Proper maintenance in the aircrafts electrical systems

Work atmosphere

The Avionics Technicians in the military’s chain of command work in aircraft hangars, repairs shops for airplanes and other areas when the need arises.

Non-military employment

The civilian Avionics Technicians work in companies with vast number of planes, aircraft manufacturers. In civilians terms they are sometimes called plane electricians.

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