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Military Jobs and Careers -
Special Forces Officers

Job specification

In the military organizations all over the world there are group of soldiers who were specially trained to conduct special operations. They highly trained military operatives and they mastered parachuting, swimming and they are also called survival experts. They are also called elite forces and special action group to conduct search and rescue missions and intelligence gathering inside enemy lines.


The usual duties and functions of Special Forces Officers in the military organization include:

Spearhead in training other military personnel in parachute maneuvers, scuba diving and other tough training

Make good plans on special missions and coordinate with other groups when necessary

Spearhead in training personnel using simulation training program

Lead in implementing administrative functions among special operations units

Ideal traits

Field of study needed in this kind of job in the military include physical science, engineering, and public administration. Other helpful attributes include:

The skills to stay cool especially in difficult situations

The will to execute properly demanding programs

The will to accept risk in times of difficult situations

Enthusiasm in staying to be on top physical condition and as physically fit as possible

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are still ideal kind of training as well as actual experience inside the military organization. Course modules for good training update also include:

Basics in scuba diving, parachuting, and swimming

Techniques in mission planning so that experts can ensure perfect executions during the planning time

The basics in handling explosives are also very important to this job

The strategies in reconnaissance

Work atmosphere

The Special Forces Officers work in various locations because of the tenure of their job. They can also work in top physical form and in various weather conditions.

Non-military employment

There is no equivalent fort his kind of job in the civilians. However, the good training provided for this people during special program will set as guides for the people.

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