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Special Forces

Job specification The Special Forces in the military organization are enlisted personnel who carry out special orders in the field while on combat missions and on special search and rescue operations. Special Forces are also considered elite in the military chain of command having trained in special combat training and tactics. They also trained in scuba diving and parachuting. Role The usual duties and responsibilities of the Special Forces in the military include: Conduct raids and demolitions to destroy enemy strength by demolishing bridges, fuel depots and railroads Make sure the combat zone they are in is mine free to protect themselves from traps of the enemies Carry out intelligence operations on enemy lines Carry out attacks, invasion, and offensive on enemy lairs and territories Carry out in destroying enemy ships using explosives Ideal traits Field of study which is helpful in this kind of job in the military organization includes: The skills to retain coolness in times of difficult situations The skills to become a team worker so that missions are carried out successfully Willingness to face challenges and at risk situations Training opportunities Classroom instructions are ideal training in this kind of job in the military, as well as actual experiences gained inside the military chain of command. Course contents which are also helpful include: Training in scuba diving, parachuting and swimming Use of communication gadgets and facilities including weapons Proper handling of explosives so that expertise can be obtained Work atmosphere The Special Forces work usually in the field. They eat and sleep in tents usually during simulation training. They work in all weather conditions. Non-military employments There is no equivalent for Special Forces in civilians. However, the training provided can be used in daily lives of the civilians.

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