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Military Jobs and Careers -
Infantry Officers

Job specification

In the military organization the Infantry Officers also play vital roles. During peace time they stay in barracks but always ready to defend the country in times of danger. In war time, they direct infantry troops in the field in the destruction of enemy positions as well as strength.


The usual duties and responsibilities of Infantry Officer in the military organizations all over the globe include:

Actually gather intelligence information about enemy strength, might and capabilities

Spearhead in the development of defensive and offensive plans during combat operations

Communicate the plans with different units such as armor, support units and artilleries

Lead personnel in the proper establishment of bunkers, fortifications as well as camouflaging of these bunkers by putting obstacles to prevent easy attack by enemies

Spearhead in the use of military armaments such as mortars machine guns, armored personnel carrier and rocket launchers

Supervise infantry forces during military trainings

Implements administrative functions

Ideal traits

The field of study which is very helpful in this military job includes physical education, engineering and public administration. Other helpful attributes also include:

The skills to motivate infantry units and other people

Enthusiasm in knowing land battle history and tactics

The will to accept challenge in times of difficult situations

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions and simulated combat training are still ideal venue for good training. Course modules for training also include:

The roles in active infantry leadership

The good strategies in infantry and squad

The use of modern and most sophisticated techniques in offensive and defensive combats

Work atmosphere

The Infantry Officers work in all weather conditions especially during training and actual combat operations. They also work, eat and sleep in out door tents.

Non-military employments

There is no same job in the civilians but the training provided to these military officers can be used in daily lives of people.

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