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Job specification

In the military organization the role of the Infantry is always at risk since they are in the battleground during offensives and operations. During peace time they stay in barracks or attend special simulation training. The infantry’s main role is to defend the country in times of war. They are the so-called ground force who destroy enemy forces, positions, and repel attacks. The infantry are enlisted personnel in the military chain of command.


The usual duties and functions of the Infantry in the military organization include:

• Install protective barriers and other forms of camouflage to protect positions and camps

• Use riles, machine guns and also maintain them on their own

• Use parachutes carrying rifles and supplies when near enemy lines

• Implements missions to locate enemy movements and gun positions

• Use communication equipments to receive direct orders when in the field conducting special operations

• Use vehicles that carry machine guns and small missiles

• Execute hand to hand combat using martial arts techniques when necessary

• Establish bunkers, trenches to protect the group from enemy attacks

Ideal traits

Field of study which is helpful for this kind of job in the military includes:

• The skills to stay focus everyday and in good shape at all times

• Enthusiasm in becoming a good team player

• The ability to face challenge in times of difficult situations

Training opportunities

Classroom instructions are still good training for this job as well as actual operations while in the military chain of command. Usually when one joins training in the infantry it would take 7 to 8 weeks. They keep themselves always in sharp form during physical training especially on squad maneuvers, and war games.

Work atmosphere

The Infantry usually work in the field. They eat and sleep in their tents especially during training programs and war games.

Non-military employments

There is no equivalent of the Infantry job in the military but the training and leadership skills acquired by these people can be best used in civilian life.

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